Clark Family Memorial Cemetery Dedication                   
A Clarksburg Heritage Day Special Event Commemorating Our Town’s 265th Anniversary

In 1805, John G. Clark, for whom our town is named, was buried in his family cemetery plot on his farm in Clarksburg. In 1810 upon the death of John’s wife, Ann Clark, their daughter had these touching words engraved upon her stone:

“Sacred forever may this place be made

My Father and my Mother’s humble shaid

Unmov’d and undisturb’d til time shall end

The turf that’s round them may God defend.”


Sometime during the 1960s, a farmer removed the fence surrounding the cemetery and all of the gravestones. They were leaned up against an oak tree nearby (see photo).


On June 24, 2017, the Clarksburg Historical Society honored Sarah’s wish by recreating a sacred place where the Clark family and those buried in their family cemetery may be remembered.


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