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Clarksburg Geneaology

2015 Update Clarksburg, MD: Research conducted by Jean Hulse-Hayman, a member of the Clarksburg Historical Society since 2002.



  • The History of Clarksburg, King’s Valley, Purdum, Browningsville, and Lewisdale Maryland by Donna L. Cuttler

  • Clarksburg United Methodist Church 200 Years – The Seed of Faith Still Growing by Beverley P. Hanvey

  • The Dowden’s Ordinary Archaeological Site, MN-CPPC of Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Inventory of Clark Family Cemetery Gravestones placed in the custody of MCCPPC, Little Bennett Park, Clarksburg, Maryland by Norman Mease

  • Two Centuries of Clarksburg by Ralph Fraley Martz

  • The Willson Family of Montgomery County by Eleanor M.V. Cook

  • Montgomery County Historical Society Library, File on Clarksburg

  • Clark Family by Marian Jacobs

  • The Clarke Family author unknown

  • Research in Montgomery County Historical Society file by Jane Sween MCHS Librarian

  • Research in Montgomery County Historical Society File by Joanna Church MCHS staff

  • Letter to Deborah Franklin from Benjamin Franklin, Lancaster, April 26

  • Neel Family Bible

  • Willson Bible Record

  • Writings of Maria Elizabeth Lorain Waters

  • Compilations of Marian Waters Jacobs

  • Review by Mary Elizabeth Fleming

  • History of Western Maryland by Thomas J. Scharf

  • MD Historical Trust Inventory for State Historic Sites Survey Horace Willson House, Researcher: Kevin J. Parker, Compiler: Eileen McGuckian

Wedding Bond Documents From Research by Ed Tatum

"I did come across a record in Montgomery Co that you might be interested in. It indicates that Archey/Archer would appear to be the name of Ann’s first husband rather than her maiden name. When Ann Clark died in 1810, her son James Archer relinquished his right to administer his mother’s estate to William Willson. James Archer then purchased several items from both Ann and John G. Clark’s estates.  As James 'Archy' he married Ruth Jones on 12/28/1803 in Montgomery Co."

Interesting Information From Ed Tatum's Research

"I found William's will in Martic Township (Lancaster Co PA) which shows he died in 1763. This is just a few miles north of Harford Co. He also owned land in Little Britain Township right along the PA/Harford County line.

His home near Fort Loudoun PA was attacked in 1755 and 1756 during the French & Indian War. Most of the residents in that area decided to move back to the east side of the Susquehanna. William was back in Lancaster by 1757 (Martic Township) but John went down to Montgomery Co, as apparently did his brothers Joseph and Thomas."

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