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The Long Path Home: The Story of Clarksburg's First Cemetery

1960?: headstones moved from cemetery to lean against nearby oak tree

1989: A Clarksburg resident, Charles Ellis, who was concerned about preserving the gravestones contacts Norman Mease, Clarksburg Civic Association President

1989-90: Norman Mease asks lifetime Clarksburg resident, Margaret Williams, to show him the location of the cemetery.

1989-90: Norman Mease catalogs the gravestones & places them in the custody of the Montgomery County Parks Department

2002: Joann Woodson, Eloise & Tuck Woodfield establish the Clarksburg Historical Society

2012: Jean Hulse-Hayman, longtime Clarksburg Historical Society Member, researches the Clark Family Cemetery and proposes making it a society project

June 2012: gravestones publically displayed at Clarksburg Day, (on public display for the first time in over 20 years)

October 2012: Jean Hulse-Hayman & husband, Dale Hayman, locate the oak tree and use it & a map to identify the probable location of the cemetery

March 2013: Jean Hulse-Hayman brings Margaret Williams to the site and she confirms that the location makes sense according to her childhood memories

2013-15: Clarksburg Historical Society is working with Kate Kubit of Third Try, LLC and MNCPPC to return the gravestones to their original location

June 24, 2017: Dedication ceremony of the rebuilt Clark family cemetery. Learn more.

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